Sunday, May 14, 2006

Neighborhood joys.

A couple of weeks ago my neighbor across the street crashed his car. (He's never had very good luck with cars.) It looks totaled. He had it towed back to his house (I have no idea why) and its sitting in his driveway between the sidewalk and the street. In Lincoln (and I'll wager most cities) you can't park in your driveway between the sidewalk and the street. The predictable happened. The car started to accumulate parking tickets. First there was one ticket, then two then four. It was comical to see.

Yesterday morning I hear yelling outside. Not an uncommon occurrence around these parts. I went out on my upper porch to see if there was a fight and if I needed to call the cops, again, not an uncommon occurrence in these parts. It was said neighbor standing in his yard yelling obscenities about his horrible neighbors turning him into the cops. He sees me on the porch and immediately starts swearing at me and demanding to know if I was the one who turned him in.

After laughing him off I went inside to rob him of a target of his rage. Later in the day he posts a note on the window of his car to the effect of 'My car is legally parked and you all suck!' (No Mark, that's not a direct quote.)

My only hope he goes postal at work instead of taking out his neighbors.


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