Thursday, January 26, 2006

Since you've clearly missed the point...

There is a secret message in my previous post.

Re-reading is fundamental.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Its been a busy Month...

Crud. I see its been a whole month since my last post. I suppose I should try to find time to pontificate more.

First, congrats to the Texas Longhorns. Thank you for beating the best team to ever play football ever. I was so tired of listening to ESPN goosh over U$C that I would have rooted for Colorado to beat them. I have not purchased any Texa$ t-shirts or hats yet. I doubt I will, there are too many lame bandwagonneers in Lincoln already.

The new job has a huge learning curve. The going is slow. The powers that be gave me a pile of computers and said 'doing is the best way to learn'. Get these on the OSG-ITB! Pronto! Of course I spent the first week trying to find out what the hell the OSG-ITB was. Now I have a tiny little cluster to call my own. Ain't it cute?

The kitchen remodel is stalled. Our cabinet hanger hung the cabinets in mid-December, but there was a number of trim pieces he needed to have made at the factory. Now that those pieces have come in he's been too busy to come back and finish. I explained to Paul that I will never purchase BEHR paint again. I suggest you also boycott them on my word alone. Once I get the kitchen done I have to move my office/work room since we'll be housing an infant in June. We expect that it'll stay until it moves off to college. This stupid house stuff is never done.

My guitar playing is progressing. I finally got into a group lesson with the local guitar hippy. I've learned little in the class, but it gives me incentive to practice so I don't look like a piker compared to the 10 and 11 year olds in the class.

My brother-in-law (Randall) had a heart attack. I guess he'll be ok, but it was close to being the proverbial 'big one'.

Other than that its been business as usual.